Is Your Company Image Too Old Fashioned? Bring It Into the 21st Century With a New Office Fit Out!

Bringing a company into the 21st century involves a whole new look. The latest office fit out involves fluid design, space saving multi-workstation furniture, and a lot of curves. The new trend is to place workstations in the center of a room and place storage along the walls. Alternately some narrow rooms feature a long row of workstations facing one wall, with storage on the facing walls. These desks and storage units have a sleek built in look. Another solution is to place desks facing one or both walls with built in office fit out company storage units between the desks on. One of the noticeable changes is the complete absence of rows of enormous square blocky desks with floor space on both sides.

More common though are the central work stations which resemble large centrally located tables, with workstations facing each other. Workstations are often separated by short tinted glass dividers. Sometimes the central tables are round and have sleek circular columns in the center for added interest, and eye appeal. Other offices utilize oval or oblong tables which are similarly divided by glass.

Office refurbishment is increasingly necessary due to the vast changes in furniture design trends. The new desks are sometimes round or free form shapes. They often contain several facing workstations, so that workers sit across from each other. The new office refurbishment London look is sleek, spacious, and open. Furniture is compact and multifunctional. The office fit out of today resembles a futuristic science fiction mod look, reminiscent of the mod of the sixties, but with the updated techno look that only 21st century styling can give.

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